Get Low ***


Felix Bush is a hermit that lives deep in the woods.  Many rumours exist about him like that he has killed in cold blood, that he is in to satanic rituals and other odd stories. One day he shows up in town demanding a ‘living funeral’.  His request is that everyone show up and tell the stories that they have heard about him. 

Felix is played by Robert Duvall in a peculiar performance as a man who seems to relish these inventive legends about himself, but reveals himself to be a rather tormented soul in the end.  Bill Murray plays a local funeral parlour owner who sees a chance to make some good money out of this setup.  Lucas Black plays Murray’s associate, who is conflicted about making money on this type of scenario.

Director Aaron Schneider makes his directorial debut and shows no signs of being a novice.  It is strange how he setups the story and we think we know where it is going, but Schneider carefully follows it in to a whole other direction. 

The performances are the key in a movie like this and they are all just so perfect.  Duvall is so good at a man who never shows his cards and sticks to his principles no matter what.  Bill Murray is once again so good at saying so much with just his eyes.  Lucas Black has not had a role in a few years, he is also good here and shows that he has the potential to be a good leading man in the future.

This one kind of got lost in the summer onslaught of big budget studio films.  It is a shame when good movies like this don’t get the support they need to expand beyond a few cities. 


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