Dinner for Schmucks **1/2


“Dinner for Schmucks” is one of the most bizarre screw ball comedies I have ever seen.  I can’t quite recommend it but I will say that I certainly was not bored by it.  It is an odd mix of weird characters and strange situations. 

The story involves a guy played by Paul Rudd who gets the attention of his boss at work and finds himself in line for a promotion if he can impress his colleagues by taking part in a cruel form of entertainment.  Once a month they host a dinner and each person must bring someone who is eccentric so that they can each mock him.

Rudd agrees to attend just before he meets Barry, played by Steve Carrell.  Barry makes detailed replicas of historical events with dead mice.  He is also just out there as a human being.  If anything he is honest and is one hundred percent in to being himself.  He has some dark secrets in his past though that come out in some awkward situations.

To describe what happens in this movie would take forever.  I urge you to see it then let me know what you think.  I did get some big laughs but I also found the movie had moments that simply existed to shock us I think.


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