Despicable Me **1/2


Despicable Me” has all the makings of a really funny film and truth be told it does have a lot of funny moments.  I think that younger kids will enjoy it for sure but I found that for myself, it didn’t go far enough with the villain angle.

Steve Carrell is very funny in the title role and Jason Segal adds some solid humour but I found the story just didn’t go as far as I was hoping it would.  The plot follows a super villain named Gru, who plans on stealing the moon.  It is the ultimate heist, and the only thing that can reclaim his rightful place as the greatest super villain in the world.  He has recently been dethroned by someone who has stolen a pyramid.

His world is turned upside down after he recruits three plucky little girls to help in his evil scheme. 

Like I said it has lots of energy and some funny moments but I wanted more story and way less 3D.  The third dimension was again distracting in ever scene excluding the moments in space.  I found that the 3D really popped during those moments where the moon is stolen.


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