Grown Ups **1/2


Grown Ups” is an odd movie to watch.  I didn’t think it was a bad movie but I can’t fully recommend it.  It is harmless entertainment that contains lots of laughs as well as lots of hallmark style moments about life and family.  It involves quite a few great comedic actors yet the script has no idea how to balance them all out.

The story involves Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider as a group of friends who grew up together.  The highlight of their childhoods was winning a basketball championship, lead by a coach who they loved.  When the coach passes away years later, they decide to get together at the lake house with their families to sort of relive some of their precious memories. 

The setup for this story could be the premise of a really funny and touching comedy but instead we get an uneven blend of fart humour and cringing heart to heart scenes. But you know what, I didn’t really mind because I loved all these actors so much.  Maybe I’m being too easy on this film because I’m such a fan of the likes of Sandler and James.

In a summer when there have been a lot of disappointments, I was happy to turn my brain off and just laugh at something ridiculous.  Among Sandler’s movies though this is not one of his best.  I think the time is right to revisit Happy Gilmore and see what he is up to in a sequel.


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