Winter’s Bone ****


“Winter’s Bone” contains one of the most powerful female performances I have ever seen.  Jennifer Lawrence, a young lady who I am not familiar with, as absolutely astonishing in every scene.   Now my praise might seen like it is a big flashy performance but it is not.  It is a quiet, heroic determination that absorbed me so much.

The story involves a poverty stricken family that is about to lose their home unless the drug dealing father turns up for court. Ree, the eldest child, portrayed by Lawrence, decides to head out and find him.  This involves coming face to face with an assortment of people ranging from dangerous to useless. 

In a lot of ways this movie reminded me of “Frozen River” from a few years ago.  Both movies realistically depicted poverty stricken criminals and a community that seems to live by their own laws.  Each movie had a strong heroine that puts their lives on the line to protect their families. 

The director here is Debra Granik.  On the basis of this movie she is a natural director.  She knows how to get true performances from her actors.  I have not seen her other film, “Down To The Bone” but I will seek it out now. 


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