The A-Team *


“The A-Team” is an ugly wreck of a movie.  From start to finish this movie is like punishment for the senses.  The story is a mess, the action is impossible to make sense of and the characters are reduced to one or two notes to try and stretch out to feature length.

I am not sure exactly who the market is for this new generation of action films.  What is the point of going through the trouble of producing expensive special effects if the camera is going to be so close to the action that you can’t appreciate them? Pull the camera back so I can see what the hell is going on.  Also why is the camera itself being shaken around like an earth quake?  And finally, why is CGI replacing actual sets and stunt people?  Animation takes away all the gravity and the sense of danger that comes with live action effects.  Compare this to “The Dark Knight” for example.

I am going to blame the director for this movie.  Joe Carnahan came on the scene with “Narc”, which was a gritty police drama.  What has happened since then?  He seems to have strayed in to ridiculous action that seems like the quality of made for TV.  “Smokin Aces” was a decent if not unoriginal action flick and “The A-Team” is like CGI vomit.  I think he needs to really get tougher on his editor, who seems to be aloud to cut everything in to 2 second glimpses, slammed together in to what they seem to think are exciting moments.

This movie fits right in with the recent “G.I. Joe”, and “Transformer” films, which employed the same visual chaos.


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