Prince Of Persia *


Watching “Prince Of Persia” I found myself grateful that I did not visit this one in the theatre.  At the time it came out there was a serious run of lame big budget films hitting the cinema.  This would have been one of the worst.  I am quite surprised the director, Mike Newell, is a talented filmmaker.  His last film was one of the best Harry Potter films which showed that could handle a large scale fantasy epic. 

Here he seems to be joining in the latest trend of visual chaos.  The style of modern action movies has become so boring.  Blending close up shots with fast, choppy editing and computer generated images is producing visual chaos.  We can no longer see talented stunt people but instead we see them take off and land in a split second.  There is no sense of gravity.  This movie in particular is like one long stunt sequence that we can’t even appreciate.

The plot surrounds the discovery of an ancient dagger that has the power to turn back time.  The holder of the dagger is the only one aware of it’s effect and is taken back to only a few moments ago.  This provides enough time to prevent a death or foil an ambush.  The problem I had with this is that it took away from all the suspense the movie could have had.  The hero is pretty safe I would think considering he can turn the clock back and prevent his own death on numerous occasions. 

Jake Gyllenhaal is an actor I have followed for a long time.  He seemed to be very selective with his roles.  I’m not sure why he chose this project.  Maybe he wanted to work with Mike Newell or perhaps he wanted to have a big franchise of his own.  I will say that his performance is completely out of place.  I have seen him play way too many smart characters to accept him in such a goofy role.

I think the problem is that video games don’t translate well to films.  This movie plays like a video game from start to finish.  I am a video game player but even I find it tedious to watch someone else play and that is what this movie experience was like. 


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