Nightmare On Elm Street **


I know that I said I was not going to do this to myself again but I did.  I went to see another so called reimagining of a classic horror movie.  This time it is Freddy Kruger’s turn for an update and of course it is terrible.  It is time for this to stop.

I’m not even going to describe the plot because nothing has been changed from the original.  This time the focus is less on the story and heavier on age old clichés.

Why does this movie have to boil down to a series of false scares and boo moments while the sound effects guys go berserk?  I could write this crap in my sleep.  Too many scenes here involve people wandering around where they shouldn’t while they are stalked by ominous noises and things jumping out of no where. 

When the killings do happen they are quite boring.  I was especially disappointed in the final act where the remaining characters face off against Freddy.  It is at this point where the writers and director are just phoning it in.

Jackie Earle Haley is an inspired choice to take over as Freddy but he plays it way to straight in this movie.  You have to take it to a certain level of ridiculous like Robert Englund did. 


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