The Losers ***


I did not get a chance to catch this in the theatres and now I regret it.  I wish I had seen this before the terrible “A-Team” adaptation.  This is how to do a men on a mission film.   There is nothing new here but it is done well, it is not in 3D and the action makes little use of CGI and instead relies on stunts and special effects. 

The story follows a military platoon on a mission to take out a dangerous drug dealer in Bolivia.  Their job is to target the drug kingpins house for an air strike.  When a bus load of children pull up they try to call off the bombing but are denied their request.  This is when they go in to save the children.  Things do not go down as planned as the group is double crossed by a sleazy CIA operative known only as Max, played by Jason Patric.. 

This setups a pretty entertaining action thriller in which our exiled heroes form a plan to get revenge on Max.  Max is played by Patric as a deeply sarcastic and dry witted jerk with no regard for human life. 

The director is Sylvain White.  I am unfamiliar with his work but on the basis of this film he knows how to direct with confidence and style.  He doesn’t rely simply on action but lets his characters breathe and come to life.  I look forward to his work in the future.


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