Kick-Ass **1/2


There are a lot of people who seem to be loving this movie as well as it’s source material.  To me I think it might have been better to remain as a comic book because certain elements just did not translate well.  Mainly a character named Hit Girl, who is an eleven year old girl with an extremely foul mouth and can brutally murder people with no remorse. 

The story follows a seemingly average kid who decides that he could be a super hero.  He orders a green suit over the internet and decides to stalk the streets looking for crimes to stop.  His first night out does not end well.  He tries to stop a couple of crooks from stealing a car and ends up getting beaten and stabbed. 

This is when I realized that this movie was not joking around.  He receives a seriously savage beating and a very bloody stab wound.  After a full recovery he decides that the calling is too strong and heads  out again.  This time he ends up stopping a group of punks from beating down one guy.  His antics are filmed and put on you tube and he becomes a sensation.  People contact him through my space for help.

How he gets involved with a mob boss I will leave you to discover.  I will talk about the previously mentioned Hit Girl, and her mentor/father, another super hero by the name of Big Daddy.  Daddy  is played by Nic Cage in a rather delicious performance.  But I found myself seriously disturbed by Hit Girl.

I just could not get past the scenes of carnage at the hands of a girl that young.  She literally cuts guys in to pieces and uses words I don’t particularly want to hear out of a toddlers mouth.  Every scene she was in comes to a dead halt as far as I was concerned.

Matthew Vaughn, the director of “Layer Cake”, brings a neat visual style to the film as well as a lot of energy.  But seriously, what is with Hit Girl??


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