How To Train Your Dragon ***


How To Train Your Dragon” is a light hearted, high spirited film that is happy to entertain you for a short period of time.  It has some remarkable sequences of animation and breathtaking moments of action.  I liked it quite a bit, but still wished it had maybe pushed further in terms of story.  The ending in particular is a little too tidy.

The story involves a war between Vikings and Dragons that has gone on for years.  The Vikings pretty much train from birth to kill dragons.  The opening scene depicts the Viking’s sea front city being laid to waste by dragons.  The battle is pretty fierce.  This movie has a lot of moments that might be a little to frightening for younger viewers. 

From there we meet Hiccup, who is physically different from the other Vikings in that he is not massive with a great bushy Viking beard.  He also doesn’t think that killing Dragons is really necessary.  Especially after he befriends one in the woods named Toothless.

Over time Hiccup trains Toothless.  Together they form a pretty standard movie bond that results in a few awe inspiring scenes of Hiccup riding his dragon.  These scenes might remind you a little bit of the recent “Avatar”. 

After it was over I would say that me and my son had a good enough time.  It isn’t quite “Up”, but is light years better than “Monster’s Vs. Aliens”.



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