Repo Men **


I enjoyed about half of “Repo Men”.  What a promising premise this movie has.  In the future, human organs are manufactured and sold making it so that nobody needs to be an organ donor anymore.  The problem is that the organs are ridiculously expensive so people put themselves in to a monthly payment situation.  Trouble is that if you fall behind, repo men are sent out to take the organs back on the spot. 

Jude Law and Forrest Whitaker play a couple of repo guys who take a little too much joy in their jobs.  When a person is cut open and has organs removed, then left bleeding, what are the odds that they will survive?  I see know joy in the result yet these guys approach the job almost like Dog the bounty hunter. 

Jude Law’s character gets critically injured on the job and has to have his heart replaced with a manufactured one and is put on a payment plan.  Do you think he will fall behind on the payments?  Of course he does, which results in his former colleagues being forced to hunt him down. 

The problem is that the movie gets bogged down in chase scenes, shootings and rather violent altercations.  Now I am not opposed to action films but with such a great premise, why not explore it to the fullest.

I also have a major problem with the ending of this movie.  I can’t really explain why without ruining the movie but I will say that this type of deception is one that I truly despise. 


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