She’s Out Of My League ***1/2


She’s Out Of My League” is simply hilarious and heartfelt.  I love when movies are about basically nice people and honest people.  And being a guy, I am instinctively attracted movies about groups of guys who sit around and talk guy stuff.  I can’t help myself and the guys in this movie are crude, quick witted, funny and likeable. 

The story involves a guy named Kirk, who is told by his buddies that he is like a 5.  One day he meets Molly, who they consider to be a 10.  She likes him because of his goofy and honest nature.  His buddies can barely comprehend the two of them together, but offer up their advice anyway. 

This is the setup for a hilarious comedy along the lines of “I Love You, Man” and “The 40 Year Old Virgin”.  It has a lot of alarmingly funny moments as in when one of Kirk’s buddies assists in cleaning up his nether region, or when Molly joins Kirks family for the first time for a lunch.  Pay attention to his brothers reactions to her claim that she is not wearing any under wear.

But the movie has a lot of heart to it as well.  You really sense that these people love each other as friends and family.  You feel like they have known and been around each other for years.  Not a lot movies can even approach those types of feelings. 


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