Remember Me *1/2


Remember Me” is Robert Pattinson’s first starring role outside of a “Twilight” film and I’m happy to say that he might have a solid future after he is freed from his vampire role. It is not his fault at all that “Remember Me” is such a disaster.  It is strange calling this movie a disaster considering a lot of it really works. But everything lead up to an ending that left me stunned.

Pattinson plays a young man named Tyler.  He spends his days in a haze of booze, brooding and working in a book store.  One night him and his roommate pick up a few ladies at the bar but on the way home they end up in a brawl with some street hoods.  Tyler jumped in to help out a guy who was getting thrashed by a group of guys.  Eventually the police show up and arrest everybody.

A few witness’ that saw the fight tell the cops that Tyler and his best friend Aiden jumped in to help the victim.  The police let them go but Tyler decides to shove the detective played by Chris Cooper, who in tern beats Tyler and arrests them both.

Flash forward and the two boys devise revenge on the cop by having Tyler date his daughter then end it in a not so flattering fashion.  It should not surprise anyone when Tyler falls in love with the girl but there is more to it then that.

We eventually meet Tyler’s family and learn about his conflicted relationship with his father played by Pierce Brosnan.  He he also has close and touching relationship with his little sister, whom seems to bring out the sunny side of his personality. We also learn about Chris Cooper and his rocky relationship with his daughter. 

Alan Coulter, the director, weaves a rather hypnotic story and gives each character weight and substance.  But everything leads up to an ending that not only pulls the rug out from under your feet but also rolls it up and beats you in the head with it. 

I don’t really want to reveal what happens but honestly it really has nothing to do with anything that this movie sets up.  The only clue I had that indicated this ending came when I noticed something that was out of place in one scene.

Read no more if you really want to be left in the dark.  At one point some of the characters are seeing a movie at their local theatre.  They are watching “American Pie 2”, which came out in August of 2001.  It was strange to think that this story was taking place a month before 9/11.  Now think on that for a few moments. 


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