Alice In Wonderland ***


“Alice In Wonderland” is an intriguing visual experience.  I love seeing a movie where the director uses his whole canvas, including painting in the corners.  Tim Burton, the director here, really creates a stunning world.  It is too bad something more interesting doesn’t happen there.

The story is not so much a reimagining of the original story as much as it is a sequel.  Alice in this story is 19 years old and carries around repressed memories of her first visit to Wonderland.  When she is faced with an arranged marriage to the snotty Shamus, she flees the party.  She finds herself chasing a rabbit with a waist coat and a clock down a familiar rabbit hole.

When she gets to Wonderland she finds that the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) and the White Queen (Anne Hathaway) are at war with each other.  All of the familiar characters such as The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), and the Chesire Cat (Stephen Fry), the blue caterpillar (Alan Rickman) and of course, the white rabbit (Michael Sheen).  Their performances and voice over’s all seem like a perfect fit to me.

The reason to see “Alice In Wonderland” is for the visual feast.  I am simply in awe of every scene through this film.  It is truly like being in a fantasy.  From the stunning backgrounds, to the costumes and characters.  I appreciated just about every thing.

I just wish there was more of a story to follow.  When Alice arrives in Wonderland, it almost seems like there is not much for her to do.  She is thrust right in to the middle of the two Queen’s conflict and does battle at the end with a giant dragon, but there wasn’t much that was really compelling me to continue watching.   



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