The Crazies **


Have I mentioned how much I loath horror movie remakes?  This current trend of ‘reimaging’ cult classics has got to stop.  I can’t think of one success that has come from these remakes.  They have all sucked to various degrees. “The Crazies” is no where near god awful but it is far from a good film. 

This is a remake of a George Romero film.  Romero has had many of his films updated so far and frankly I’m starting to lose track.   I think that this might be the third or fourth in recent years. 

The story involves a contaminated water supply that is turning the local residents in to zombies.  Do I need to explain more?  If you can’t figure out the rest of the story then you have not seen a lot of zombie films.

The local sheriff, played by Timothy Olyphant, is the hero who must fight his way through a small town that has been over run by virus infected zombies.

Nothing here is very original neither is it at least freaky.  I found this to be boring most of the way through but I will admit that it is competently made.


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