The Crazies **


The Crazies” is another off the shelf zombie movie.  The local residents of a small town start to lose their minds due to a contagious infection and begin killing each other.  A small band of survivors find themselves isolated and cut off, trying to find their way out.

I will admit that the director, Breck Eisner, seems like a very efficient director, and does bring some dread to the atmosphere, but he has not taken it to a new level or added any originality.  Maybe there is not much let to be discovered in this genre. 

The lead is played by Timothy Olyphant, who is good at play the straight man of action.  I also noticed that this film is produced by George A. Romero, who as you know produced a series of Zombie films that practically started the genre.  He too seems to be kicking the dead horse lately as well.


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