Red Riding: 1983 ****


In The Year Of Our Lord 1983” is the final chapter in the “Red Riding” trilogy.  The story this time serves to fill in a lot of the blanks from the first two instalments while also finding redemption for a lot of the characters.

David Morrissey  plays Jobson, a cop who was in the background of the first two films.  His character is in the foreground this time.  Flash backs show how much of a role he really played in whole scandal involving the Yorkshire ripper and the police corruption surrounding it. 

Mark Addy plays John Piggot, a public solicitor, starts to make inquiries of his own.  His father was one of the more notorious members of the Constabulary before he died.  His discoveries are shocking and change the face of everything that happened previously.  His performance is powerful. 

There is not much more I can say about the filmmaking that I have not said about the first two films.  Some of the themes of this film really got me thinking about the emotional toll that is taken on a person who becomes a police officer.  It is interesting when crimes happen and there is public demand to find a resolution.  Nobody thinks about the officers themselves.  The things they have to see and process. 

The flip side of that coin is the cops who have it in them to torture people emotionally and physically to pieces.  Both of these aspects are done so realistically in these films.

All three parts of this series are best viewed as a whole.  It was a massive undertaking, involving three different directors, a large cast and crew, and the result is a one of the great cinematic experiences. 


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