From Paris With Love ***


Why is there a hate on for “From Paris With Love”??  It is a fun action flick.  Sure the plot is a little confusing and there is not a single original moment throughout its 85 minute running time, but who cares?  I loved the hilarious dialogue, John Travolta’s over the top performance and the relentless action.

I’m not really going to try to explain the plot other than say that Travolta plays Charlie Wax who is some sort of American operative with some very un-orthodox methods.  He is partnered with Reese, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who is more of the every man. 

Together they work towards bringing down drug dealers and terrorists although I’m not sure how we got from one to the other.  I was more entertained by the legion of bad guys that get gunned down by Travolta. 

The director is Pierre Morel, who directed last year’s smash hit “Taken”.  That movie was a little more focused on story and character.  This time Morel focuses more on fast paced action and explosions. 


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