The Book Of Eli ***


“The Book Of Eli” is an entertaining action flick in the vein of “Mad Max”.  This is hardly original material but it is still fun to watch.  I kind of wish that the over all production wasn’t so polished. The towns, characters and locations all look dusty, run down and sun baked but everything looks like a set to me.  Maybe it is supposed to look like that considering it is based on a graphic novel.

Denzel plays Eli.  He is one of the few survivors after the world has been devastated by nuclear war.  Eli wanders the land alone, fighting off roaming gangs.  His destination is unknown but he has possession of a mysterious book that he must deliver.  The secrets in this book are wanted by a great many people who are willing to kill for it. 

The villain in the film is played by Gary Oldman, who hams it up accordingly.  Mila Kunis plays a young girl who is in the employ of Oldman.


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