Sherlock Holmes ***


It is amazing to think about how much films have changed.  Our attention spans have been destroyed in the past 20 years.  Take the new “Sherlock Holmes” for example.  This is not the Holmes that your parents or grand parents might of read as children.  This Holmes is a bare knuckle boxer in his off time.  Alas the world he exists in here is also filled with huge, CG enhanced action set pieces and hand to hand combat. 

The director here is Guy Ritchie, who brings his unique style to the iconic character.  Ritchie is not what I would describe as a steady hand.  He loves chop shop editing, close up, frantic action and violence.  The fact that he includes Holmes uncanny detective skills in the quieter moments is almost a blessing. 

Robert Downey Jr. takes the title role and Jude Law joins him as his partner Dr. Watson.  Downey brings his own brand of peculiar acting to the role, making it  alto of fun to watch.  Jude Law on the other hand is more of the straight arrow, everyman.  Both can hold their own in a fight, and nothing escapes their sharp intellects. 

For those who are looking for a faithful adaptation this movie will be a disappointment.  I wouldn’t mind seeing their faces afterwards actually.  But if you enjoy rousing action, comedy, and a neat little detective tale then you will enjoy this quite a bit.  I liked it!  There was never a moment where I was not entertained and these days when most movies are intended for the attention deficits, can we really ask for much more?


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