The Fantastic Mr. Fox ****


Wes Anderson was born to adapt a Roald Dahl novel, especially “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”.  Dahl’s quirky characters and stories are a perfect fit to Wes Anderson’s peculiar brand of filmmaking.  Imagine the look and feel of “The Life Aquatic” accept where the characters are wild animals brought to life by traditional stop motion animation.

George Clooney voices Mr. Fox.  Fox’s works as a chicken thief but the times are changing.  That business is becoming too dangerous.  Fox decides to go straight and become a journalist.  He is married to Felicity, voiced by Meryl Streep.  Their son is Ash voiced by Jason Schwartzman. 

The family lives underground.  Fox has aspirations to move in to a tree, hopefully with a nice view.  Eventually they move in to a nice oak tree across the way from three very evil business men.  Fox’s lawyer, voiced by the great Bill Murray, advises against this.   Fox finds himself in trouble when the allure of chicken stealing becomes too strong.  Eventually these business owners go to war with the Fox. 

You can tell right from the beginning that this is a labour of love.  The dialogue, sets, character designs, voice over’s and the flow of the animation itself comes together to create a unique experience.  I’m even more grateful that they didn’t jump on the 3D band wagon.  The 2D image really creates the feeling that we are seeing a living painting. 

The Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a film for the whole family.  A one of a kind experience that I hope people seek out. 


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