Law Abiding Citizen **


Law Abiding Citizen” has not really inspired me to say much.  It is a bad movie, but the most fascinating thing is that it was such a hit in the theatre.  How can this be explained?  Certainly the word of mouth could not have been that good.  The story basically boils down to a family man who is turned in to Jigsaw from the “Saw” series, after his family is murdered in front of him. 

Maybe this would have worked if it had been a straight revenge thriller but it tries to pose moral questions to us about how the legal system works.  The family man is played convincingly by Gerard Butler.  After his family is murdered by two lunatics, he is further devastated when the D.A., played by Jamie Foxx, cuts a deal where one of the killers is given a light sentence after he testifies against the other. 

This causes him to take justice in to his own hands, not only against the surviving killer, but against the entire legal team that cut the deal. 

First he murders the remaining of the two guys who killed his family.  He does this by cutting him apart, piece by piece, with a buzz saw.  When he is arrested for the crime, he seemingly keeps killing people from prison. 

I get why this would be good elements for a thriller but everything here is so over the top.  It gets to a point where we realize that the events that keep taking place could not happen in any way shape or form.  And the ending is just ridiculous.

Yes I realize this is just a movie but logic got the better of me this time.  So did the uneasy mix of gruesome movie violence and the moral battle about the justice system. 


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