Bruno ***


What can you truly say about “Bruno”?  Did I find it funny?  I certainly did.  Was I offended?  Certainly not.  It takes a lot to offend me.  Those of you that take offence to this type of comedy are missing the point completely.  This is satire folks.  Sacha Baron Cohen plays characters that are so over the top offensive, that it is funny.  He is mocking people who are racist, ignorant and just plain stupid.  When he hosts auditions for a baby photo shoot that portrays Hitler as well as an infant Jesus being crucified, he is really trying to bring out those specific people that would actually exploit their children for money.   All of that aside though, what are you really expecting after seeing “Borat”?  When I saw this movie, half way through, pretty much my entire row left the theatre because they were so offended.  Are people really this stupid?

“Bruno” sets out to be funny, shocking, disgusting, offensive, over the top, and it succeeds at all of those.  There is not a moment in this film that is boring, whether you are laughing or not.  To say that the character of Bruno is flamboyantly gay is an understatement.  The movie follows Bruno as he leaves his native country of Austria, and heads to Hollywood to become a celebrity.  That in itself is hilarious because it is so true.  The country is way too obsessed with celebrity. 

Sacha Baron Cohen is obviously a gifted comedian.  The man has a lot of nerve and bravery because some of the laughs he gets  here are dangerous.  It is refreshing in a way because of all the safe comedies that come out of the Hollywood machine.


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