Whatever Works **


“Whatever Works” is the latest from Woody Allen, a director who has really tested my patients over the years.  After years of bad films, I was about to write off Woody Allen when he came out with “Match Point”.  That was a truly great film.  Since then he has directed a few more movies that have been hit or miss with critics but have all been disliked by me.

Allen’s latest film starts out really well.  It stars Larry David as pretty much himself.  The humour here is straight from “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, which was ok with me because that show is hilarious.  But his character follows a bizarre path that really lost me about half way through.  He meets a homeless girl on his door step played by Evan Rachel Wood.  She pretty much moves in against his will.  She stays long enough that he marries her.  She is a small town girl, right down to the littlest cliches. 

Eventually her mother comes looking for her.  She too is a small town gal.  Then her father, who had initially left her mother, shows up looking to reconcile.  The common theme here is that New York seems to change these folks in to inner city artsy types. 

When the movie was over I couldn’t have been happier to move on.  Woody Allen completely loses control of his writing and goes off on wild tangents.  This is his worst movie in years, and more proof that he just doesn’t seem to have any more real stories to tell.


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