Land Of The Lost ***


“Land Of The Lost” is completely ridiculous.  This is the type of movie that you have to be in the mood for.  It is so absurd and stupid that you simply look at the screen and laugh.  This is the kind of movie where Will Ferrell personally insults a T-rex by laughing at the fact that their brains are the sizes of a walnut.  The beast then personally sets out to eat Ferrell.  Eventually Ferrell finds a Walnut that is about the size of a beach ball.

Three years after being kicked out of the science department for his theory of Time warps, and his attempt on Matt Lauer’s life, Rick Marshall (Ferrell)  is reduced to working as a teacher at the George C. Page Museum until he meets Holly Cantrell whose finding urges him to create a tachyon amplifier to enable time warp travel. They go to the Devils Cave attraction where the finding was found, hiring its tour guide Will Stanton. But once they’ve activated the tachyon amplifier, losing it in the process, the three end up in a parallel universe where all time lines converge. They soon meet some ape men, Pakuni, two of whom were going to kill the younger one, when Stanton unintentionally gives the other two the secret of fire as they run off. The gang then proceed to help the other one, named Cha-Ka, until he runs off with them in pursuit.

If you are looking for a faithful adaptation of the television series then you will be disappointed.  If you have not gotten the full understanding of Will Ferrell’s humor,  then you will probably find yourself confused.  For people like myself, who have a full appreciation of this man’s humor, you will laugh.  If you hate this movie with a passion, I won’t argue with you, I’ll just stay silent and recall the moment where Ferrell soaks his own head in T-rex pee.


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