Drag Me To Hell ***


“Drag Me To Hell” is a thrilling and silly horror movie from one of the pioneers of the genre himself SamRaimi.  Nobody can make being cursed look and feel grosser than Raimi can.  Nobody can make being possessed by demons look as horrifying and demented as the director of “Evil Dead”. 

In “Drag Me To Hell”, which is an awesome title by the way, Raimi has Alison Lohman playing a timid loan officer at a bank who is desperate to get a promotion.  When she is forced to say no to an elderly lady about an extension on her late mortgage payments, she gets noticed by her management, proving that she can make tough decisions.  What she does not anticipate is being attacked later by the same elderly lady.  She soon finds that she is under a terrible curse that will end with her being dragged to hell where demons will feast on her soul. 

During the course of the movie the demons torment the hell out of her, much to the dismay of her boyfriend played by Justin Long.  In a neat twist the boyfriend does not quite believe that she is under a curse, but is very supportive anyway. 

Now this is not groundbreaking horror but it is light years better then the drivel that has come out in recent years.  The “Hostel” series, “Saw” series, and all the other torture porn flicks have nothing on a horror movie directed by Sam Raimi.  Heck you can even throw in every single horror movie remake that has been swamping our theatres in the past few years.  “Drag Me To Hell” is a horror movie the way it should be.  Its funny, thrilling and scary.


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