Julia ****


I did not realize how fearless Tilda Swinton is.  She is a force in this film  She seems to have issues playing a totally self destructive character that we really don’t empathize with at all.  She is a hard drinking woman, who party’s every evening, waking up with strange men every morning.

How this character gets caught up in a half baked plan to help her Mexican neighbour kidnap her son back from his wealthy grand father is truly fascinating.  She has the ability to lie, cheat and steal her way in and out of any situation.  How she survives these ordeals may be implausible in a lesser film, but the writes and directors here make everything feel so authentic and real. 

Director Erick Zonca brings a certain epic feel to such a small scale story. This is truly an  ambitious picture.

This was a hard film to watch, mainly because Swinton does not hold back at all.  It is a powerful performance to watch.  One of the years best. 


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