X-Men Origins: Wolverine **


I was looking forward to the “Wolverine” spin off movie for quite some time, until I learned that it was going to be an origin story. Is that really necessary? His origins were pretty well established in the three “X-men” movies that already came out. We know what happened. The problem I have with prequels is that they tend to ruin our imagination. Take for example “Star Wars”. When Obi Won is describing the Clone wars and the old republic, you really imagined it in your mind but when “Attack Of The Clones” came out, did it really live up to your expectations? Also there is no tension in a lot of the actions that take place because you know who will live and who will die.

So what is left to appreciate in a movie like “Wolverine”? Well for me I was hoping that the action, direction, and performances would be top notch, which they were not. Some of the casting is brilliant here and others are not. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is a masterstroke, but Taylor Kitsch as Gambit? I have been waiting to see Gambit through three previous films, and when he finally makes it in to the series, his character is totally short changed. In fact, a lot of fan favourites from the comic book seem to be thrown in here just make up for not having them in the “X-men” films. And come on, but you throw in a young Cyclops as well as Patrick Stewart right at the end just to make an attempt at bridging this with the X-men universe.

So what about the action? Some of it is damn cool but it does get a little repetitive. I mean, how many explosions can Logan walk or drive away from? It seems to have become his special ability to simply dodge fire balls. His confrontations with Sabertooth are entertaining if not pointless.

Director Gavin Hood, who brought us such thought provoking films as “Tsotsi” and “Rendition” really does nothing for this film at all. I mean, he seems to be an efficient director but where is the character development and the meaning in all of this? I thought for sure a director with his talent would really make this memorable. In the end it comes and goes, leaving us with nothing but a feeling of emptiness. Not only was this film not needed, but it is completely forgettable. As for Hugh Jackman as the title character, his career will carry on. If he ever does want to take on this character again, here’s hoping it happens after the original series or in some kind of reboot.


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