Paul Blart: Mall Cop *


You know I am a big fan of Kevin James.  I loved him on the “King Of Queens”, I thought he pretty much stole the thunder from his previous co-stars, Will Smith and Adam Sandler.  This is his first starring role, and I must say, he deserves so much better then this.  This movie has the look, feel, script and production values of a straight to DVD movie.  How it got a theatrical release and how it has become a smash hit is far beyond me.  The good new is that Kevin James survives intact.  I think his career will be fine and I hope to see him in much better movies. 

The plot follows a very dedicated mall cop, played by James, who decides to foil a bunch of thieves who have taken over his territory.  Their plans, and his efforts to thwart them are completely ridiculous, and contain no viable humour what so ever.  I found this movie to be on par with “Masterminds”, which was Patrick Stewarts biggest mistake. 

Kevin James does what he can to liven up the material, but the script is so flimsy that not even his brilliance can bail it out.  They try to force a romance on us that has zero chemistry.  One scene involves James getting drunk and making an ass of himself in front of her.  The next day she doesn’t seem all that bothered by his obnoxious behaviour, and in fact, is sort of attracted to him.  None of this makes any real sense to me.  I did not laugh once at his antics.  I simply reflected on who so many people could have made this such a success.


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