The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button **1/2


A much older Brad Pitt in "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"

“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” is a handsomely made film.  You can tell that a lot of love and care went in to the production of this movie.  Do we expect nothing less from the great director, David Fincher?  I certainly do not.  The cast is top notch, consisting of Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Tarari Henson and Elias Koteas.  They are all give truly wonderful performances.  But something about this movie just did not click with me.  I did not really care about the premise.  Seeing a man age backwards for the duration of a movie just kept spoiling brilliant scenes.  What is the point of this story?  I actually would have connected with it more had Benjamin been aging like a normal human being.

Honestly, every friendship he has, every romance, every connection can pretty much be short lived.  The filmmakers try to sidestep this flaw by introducing Blanchett’s character, Daisy, as a child at first.  Benjamin is a three foot elderly looking man, with the  mind of a child.  He has only been on the planet for a few years.  They instantly connect because their intelligence is on the same level.  But there is something disturbing about watching an Elderly man playing cute with a young girl.  Later when they make love, is he thinking of her at that age?

Because of Benjamin’s backwards aging, every section of the story, oddly, does not connect to each other very well.  I think if they had tried to treat this story more as a strange phenomenon, as opposed to just accepting that he is different and following his life as if it were normal, would have made this more interesting to me. 

Like I said the performances and the production are all first rate.  Brad Pitt is excellent in every stage of life.  The make up effects here are amazing.  The elderly Pitt does not look awkward in any way.  Blanchett is good here, but seems to be playing the same characters over and over.  I almost find it distracting when she is in a film now. 

The sets and locations are all terriffic.  Everything is so textured and lively.  Fincher really is one of the best directors working when it comes to putting together a completely beautiful image.  I just can’t understand what he saw in this story.  I mean, it is not a terrible movie in any way, it just left me feeling awkward.  I found it so hard to connect with the story.


One response to “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button **1/2

  1. i was pleasantly surprised to find out that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the short story upon which Benjamin Button (the movie) was based, then mention this in the opening credits

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