Punisher: War Zone *


I did not really imagine that a “Punisher” movie could be worse then the one that came out a few years ago, but “War Zone” achieves that.  I can’t really be certain how movies this bad get made anymore.  “The Dark Knight” showed us what films based on comic books can really be like.  “War Zone” shows us how bad they can be when they end up in the wrong hands.

The plot this time follows Frank Castle as he sets out to destroy Jigsaw and his gang.  Jigsaw has a face that was pieced back together after it was mulched in a glass crushing machine.  The make up effects here are disgustingly first rate.  The rest of the plot is not essential because it simply does not exist.  We get scene after scene of the Punisher savagely killing as many perps as he can.  The blood level has definitely gone through the roof with this instalment.  At one point a man rips out another man’s kidney and eats it. 

I require at least some story.  I’m all for movies that have relentless violence and action but there has to be a point to it.  I also require dialogue that is not hokey as well as acting that wouldn’t be better suited to a made for TV movie.


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