Twilight **


“Twilight” is not a movie that I had any interest in seeing.  The previews did not really appeal to me much and I figured that if I did end up watching it, it would be on DVD.  When it opened in theatres I was surprised to see it destroy the box office like a “Harry Potter” film.  This is when I really started to realize how popular the “Twilight” books are.  I knew that I would see it at some point after that. 

Now that I have seen it I can say that in my opinion it is not really a good movie.  There is a lot to like here.  It is beautifully photographed and well acted.  The landscapes are lush and beautiful.  The acting is about as good as it can be with the weak dialogue.  I can now see why this was so popular, I just hope that the sequels turn out to be better movies.

The story involves the young Bella, played by Kristen Stewart.  She has just arrived in Forks, Washington, to live with her dad.  Her mom and step dad are on the road too much to keep her with them.  Her dad is the local sheriff in a town of just over three thousand people.  Amazingly enough the local high school still has enough people to fill the usual social groups. 

The students embrace Bella almost immediately, but she takes a real liking to the ominous Edward.  He is handsome and talks with a passion.  He is attracted to Bella as well but insists that she stay far away from him.  Bella soon learns that he is a vampire, and wants her to stay away for her own good.  He loves her, but has the urge to drink her blood as well.  I hate when that happens. 

Edward and Bella’s scenes together are actually decent for a high school romance.  It is pretty much everything else that happens that bogs this movie down.  The confrontation with another vampire clan for example seems forced in so that we can have a vampire battle at the end of the film.   There is also a baseball game late in the film that garners a lot of awkward laughs. 

I have to say that this movie is no where near as bad as I thought it would be.  I can see why it entertained it’s core audience.  For me I require a little more clever dialogue and a deeper story.  When you compare this to “Let The Right One In”, another vampire tale involving younger people, it just seems so pale. 


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