Quantum Of Solace ***

Daniel Craig in "Quantum of Solace"

Daniel Craig in "Quantum of Solace"

“Quantum Of Solace” finds James Bond digging deeper in to the evil group that surrounded the events of “Casino Royale”.  This time he is bent on exposing them and exacting revenge on those who lead to the death of his one true love, Vesper.  The movie opens with Daniel Craig, back again as Bond, being chased by bad guys in a high speed, death defying car chase.  The henchmen spray Bond’s vehicle with gunfire, which really doesn’t do anything at all.  This leads into an interrogation scene that proves that the shadowy group of villains really have people everywhere.

The main villain this time is Dominik Greene.  He has devised a truly cruel plan which involves the toppling of foreign governments and the theft of a country’s water supply.  His hide out is probably one of the least flashiest in all of the Bond films.  But it stays true to the gritty realism that was established in “Royale”. 

Daniel Craig once again plays bond as a hard edged man who at times seems more reckless then he should be.  He seems to kill a lot of people while gathering little to no information at all.  In fact the first half of the movie contains so much action that I didn’t think we were gonna get a plot at all.  

Marc Forster, director of such wonderful films as “Stranger Than Fiction”, and “The Kite Runner”, steps in as director.  I’m not so sure that he is the right choice here.  He cuts this thing so close together that everything happens at a break neck pace.  But I survived, and found that I enjoyed myself a lot of the time.

“Quantum Of Solace” is a big step back from the great “Casino Royale”.  It seems all to happy to trade in the finer points of a good Bond movie, in favor of non stop violence and action.  But it is a good thrill ride none the less. 


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