Role Models ***


Role Models is funny and in a way, touching, due to the performances by Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott.  Paul Rudd has really come in to his own and is finally getting the top billing he deserves.  Sean William Scott has been under appreciated for years, so I am hoping that this will get him the respect as a comedian that he deserves.   Here they play a couple of promoters for an energy drink.

Rudd plays a man who is pretty bored with his place in life.  He feels like he is stuck where he is.  This makes him bitter towards everybody, including his girlfriend.  Scott on the other hand is pretty excited about life, and loves living the bachelor life.  After Rudd has a melt down, which involves major property damage, the two men find themselves sentenced to community service.  This involves participating in a big brothers program.  Rudd gets paired up with Augie, a geeky kid who is part of a medieval re-enactment society and Scott gets Ronnie, a foul mouthed little terror.  After a rocky start, things start to go pretty well, until the men screw up big time.

Movies like this a pretty dependable formula and the creators of this movie follow it perfectly.  What elevates the material is the performances by the cast and the smart dialogue by the writers.


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