30 Days Of Night ***

Josh Hartnet in "30 Days Of Night"

Josh Hartnet in "30 Days Of Night"

“30 Days Of Night” is a superbly crafted vampire film.  The entire films looks terrific.  The location is a desolate town in Alaska that finds itself blanketed in darkness and snow for an entire month.  Perfect feeding grounds for those who are allergic to the sun. 

The movie stars Josh Hartnett as the sheriff of Barrow Alaska.  As the movie opens he finds himself answering strange calls around town, then 30daysofnightconfronting a bizarre outsider played by Ben Foster.  Foster warns that trouble is coming.  Soon enough the entire town is under siege from a pack of vicious vampires, lead by Danny Huston. 

Apart from being a great looking movie, it really does not break any new ground.  It is a pretty standard setup, with a fairly typical outcome in the end.  What I loved was the style and look that director David Slade brought to this film. 


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