Religulous ***1/2


Bill Maher is no fan of religion.  If you have ever watched his show, as I do, you will know that it is his belief that those who think there is a god and an afterlife are simply detached from reality.  Now I am not one to judge people on their religion and their beliefs nor am I going to lay out my own opinions on the subject.  I think that a good documentary can be made about anything. 

“Religulous” basically follows Bill Maher as he interviews people from many different cultures about their beliefs.  Whenever the conversation starts to have some real substance, most of the time he finds his subject walking out on the interview.  I think the most in depth conversation he has is with the Jesus at a christian theme park.

Whether you are a believer or not, I think anybody will find this film engaging and funny.  I doubt it will sway anybody from what the truly believe in, but it may give them cause to think about a few different points of view.


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