Eagle Eye ***

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

“Eagle Eye” is the perfect example of how our attention spans have changed over time.  This is a classic noir setup where the suspense is replaced by relentless action and chases.  When when I say relentless, I mean it.  The action barely slows down to give the main characters dialogue. 

Here we have a seemingly regular dude, played by Shia Lebeouf, who works at a copy store, who finds himself on the run from the authorities after he is framed as a potential terrorist.  Helping him along is a mysterious female voice on his cell phone.  He is joined by Michelle Monaghan, who is also being directed by the mysterious voice.  Together they must uncover the mystery of this conspiracy.  That’s if they can survive that is. 

I swear there is one chase where numerous police cars crash and flip through the air, not to mention the countless vehicles driven by innocent bystanders.  What I want to know is the model of the car that the heroes were driving, because it must be the safest vehicle on the market. 

Movies like this come and go.  I am at the point where comparing plot points and performances really doesn’t matter any more.  I simply admire the production, and hope that the story comes to some kind of resolution.  I had a good time with this film, but I did not engage me on any intelligent level.


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