Choke **

Sam Rockwell in "Choke"

Sam Rockwell in "Choke"

“Choke” is the kind of movie I really despise.  It is not that bad, it just could have been so much more interesting then it actually is.  I found that it meandered and moved between plot lines that are interesting, and some that are not. 

Sam Rockwell, who is a very underrated actor in my opinion, plays Victor.  Victor is a sex addict.  He goes to meetings, not so much to reform, but to engage in filthy sex with other addicts.  During his days, he seems to split his time between visiting his mother at the mental hospital, and working at a living historical museum of sorts.   The story is narrated by Victor, who seems to be walking wounded and played perfectly by Rockwell.

For me I found the scenes involving Victor’s work to be the most interesting.  This living display of society from the 1800’s, and the little dramas that surround it could have made an interesting if not quirky comedy on it’s own.  I found the scenes involving Victor’s visits to his mother, as well as his flash backs to his childhood with her to be uninteresting.  Anjelica Huston is good here, but when the story finally gives her an interesting twist, she dies. 

As for the sex addiction, I wish that the movie had dug a little deeper in to the mind of someone who deals with this kind of problem.  Instead it seems to be a reason to show some pretty graphic sex scenes.


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