X-Files: I Want To Believe ***1/2

Mulder and Scully in "X-Files: I Want To Believe"

Mulder and Scully in “X-Files: I Want To Believe”

It has been a few years since the “X-files” tv series ended and about ten years since the first movie.  Would a another movie be necessary?  If they keep making them this good then I would hope so.  But the movie flopped in the theatres so I would imagine this might be the last.  Chris Carter, the creator of the show, writes and directs this as a creepy, haunting and complexly layered story.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their roles as Mulder and Scully.  Neither of them is an FBI agent anymore.  Scully is a top surgeon who is faced with a moral dilemma with her current patient.  Mulder is technically a fugitive due to the FBI bringing charges against him.  Those charges are dropped after the FBI suddenly needs agent Mulder’s expertise in a kidnapping case.  An FBI agent has gone missing.  Billy Connelly plays a convicted pedophile who claims he is having psychic visions of the missing woman.  He leads the bureau in to a vast frozen lake and uncovers body parts.  Mulder only agrees to help if Scully comes along. 

What is interesting is that this is a stand alone movie that has nothing to do with any of the events of the television show.  What we get is an engrossing mystery that asks us to think for ourselves, and poses many moral questions.  This is a real character thriller, where most of the events hinge on the people’s personalities.  Where it ends up is truly creepy and very unexpected. 

What I really liked about this movie was not only the amazing story, but the details of Scully and Mulder’s lives that are hemmed in perfectly.  Scully’s current patient seems like an unnecessary side story at first, but develops into a fully realized part of the plot.  I also liked how the events of the TV series, still haunt her to this day.  She describes it as the darkness within.  She is trying to move on from it, but Mulder is easily drawn back in.  He is still immensely interested in the paranormal but he is also genuinely trying to find the missing agent.  Billy Connelly is also very effective as a man who knows he will never be forgiven for his sins, but tries to make peace anyways. 

The budget of this film was no where near the size of the first instalment’s, but I think it allowed Chris Carter to rely more on story and character, than effects and action.  I think he was more interested in the story anyways.  But here he constructs a complex thriller, and brings it to life with excellent performances from the cast, and a haunting, dreadful mood created by the snow covered locations.


One response to “X-Files: I Want To Believe ***1/2

  1. I absolutely agree with you that the strength of the movie is not in the plot, which I found a little shoddy, but rather in the character development. Mulder and Scully are where they logically have to be after everything that has happened. I recognized them, I could glimpse who they used to be and yet could understand how they came to this point. I think that the marketing of the movie was wrong though. It should have been a ‘bridge’ between the end of the series and a real stand-alone, blockbuster movie. I hope that, now that Mulder is out of hiding, that somehow he will get back in the game, especially since 12-12-12 is approaching :).

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