Tell No One ****


“Tell No One” is a spellbinding suspense thriller.  One of the best I have seen.  It is a meticulously plotted story that spans eight years.  It is told from different points of view, presented to us as a puzzle that will hopefully make sense in the end.  It is a movie you must pay attention to.  Every detail must be remembered in order for the conclusion to come together.  I love when plot developments are not spoon fed to you as in most modern thrillers, but we the audience, are required to use our brains to process each development. 

Eight years ago, Margot Beck was murdered by a serial killer. Though the killer has confessed to eight of these murders, he has always denied to be responsible for Margot’s death. However, the specific mutilations found on her body seem to remove all doubts over his guilt. Today, Alexandre Beck, her husband, is still deeply psychologically injured by the loss of Margot. He temporarily escapes his memories during the day by immersing himself completely in his work as a paediatrician. Outside of that, only the friendship he has formed with Hélène Perkins saves him from total isolation from the rest of the world. But when two new bodies are uncovered near where Margot’s body was discovered, Margot’s case is reopened. At the same time, Alexandre receives a strange e-mail with a link to a video-surveillance web-cam and a time at which to watch it.

What he sees and what happens after I will leave for you to find out.  Even if I added more detail then I have already given, it probably would not give much else away, but part of the appeal of this movie is the experience of watching it.  Everything that happens, happens for a reason, and directed with confidence by Guillaume Canet.  No characters are introduced for convenience of the plot.  Everyone is given weight and screen time as well as a purpose to the story. 

Thrillers this good often go under the radar.  Even worse is that this is a foreign film, filmed in the french with english subtitles.  This makes it an even harder sell to North American audiences.  But I urge you to seek this movie out.  It is so worth it.  It is a classically made movie, not much different from watching something like “The Fugitive” or “No Way Out”.  The fact that it takes place in a foreign land adds to the appeal I would think.


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