Wall-E ****

Wall-E travels through space.

Wall-E travels through space.

Oh how I love Pixar.  I have to know how they come up with such original story ideas.  They create nothing but magic.  This time the story involves our planet, as it has become uninhabitable due to the amount of garbage and waste that has been dumped.  The human’s exit the planet in giant cruise ship like space ships, leaving behind robots to clean up the mess, in hopes that one day the planet will be habitable again.  After generations pass, only one robot remains, and after centuries of being alone, he develops a personality.

His name is Wall-E, and he is a very curious little robot.  He likes to collect human trinkets as well as continuing to perform is job.  One day his little world is disrupted by the arrival of a giant space ship.  It lands, and drops of a mysterious white probe, then takes off again.  This probe is Eve, and Wall-E is immediately smitten with it.  She is a quite the little probe, armed to the teeth and hooked up with some rather neat technology.  From there the journey takes us across the universe as Wall-E struggles to be re-united with Eve.

This movie is incredible in many ways.  Besides the story, there is little to no dialogue.  Wall-E and Eve are not given human dialogue.  Wall-E gives off a series of beeps in such a way that are never confused about his current mood or what he is trying to say.  Eve as well.  The first third of the movie is an incredible silent film on it’s own. 

Second, this film has some of the best animation I have ever seen.  The colors are perfect without being too intrusive to the story.  The journey across the universe is just gorgeous, and the robots in this film are all such inventive little creatures, with moves and functions of their own. 

“Wall-E” is one of the best animated features in recent years.  In a time when the market is being saturated with CGI animated films, most of them being at best average, Pixar is the one company that continues to amaze. Any time they put out a film, it is an event.  “Wall-E” is one of the best pictures of the year.


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