The Incredible Hulk ***

Hulk Smash!

Hulk Smash!

I do not know why people knocked Ang Lee’s “Hulk” when it debuted back in 2003.  I rather enjoyed it.  Sure the fight with the steroid poodles was a bit much, but the movie was thought provoking and exciting.  But everybody else seemed to despise it, and Universal decided to put together a sort of sequel, sort of re-imagining.  This time they hired a more action oriented director and put together a different cast.

Edward Norton takes the role of Bruce Banner, and does a terrific job as a man who must control his rage, or turn in to a green, muscle bound monster of destruction.  The movie opens as he is a fugitive living in a foreign country, taking breathing classes and anger management to control his little problem.  But he is soon found by General Thunderbolt Ross, played this time by William Hurt, and is forced out of hiding.  From there, director Lois Terrier takes us on quite an exciting thrill ride of action and emotions that I think is superior to Ang Lee’s version.


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