The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian ***


“Prince Caspian” is the second film to take place in the world of Narnia.  Andrew Adamson returns to direct and shows how much he has grown as a filmmaker.  I was amazed at how this world grew deeper this second time around.  Narnia seemed more real and less like a fantasy. 

All the children from the original film return but this time they have grown quite a bit.  They find themselves pulled back in to the world of Narnia just before they step on to a subway.  This time they are called back with a purpose.  Prince Caspian needs their help to retake his rightful throne and restore peace to the land. 

The over all tone of the film has changed drastically, which is evident right away.  The main characters must deal with a Narnia that has become overgrown with wild life.  All of the amazing creatures and beings have hidden themselves in the land.  Most of the action takes place in epic castles and ruins. 

I found myself absorbed by the epic landscapes and vivid characters but found the story to be a little weaker this time.  Prince Caspian’s quest is pretty basic.  It results in two extended battle scenes that have worn out their welcome in this genre. 

Still the world of Narnia is place I would not mind revisiting from time to time.  It is a first rate fantasy film.  Andrew Adamson really has brought the world that was created by C.S. Lewis to vibrant life. 


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