Speed Racer ***

One of the colourful races in "Seed Racer"

One of the colourful races in “Seed Racer”

“Speed Racer” is all style and effects, but what a glory they are indeed.  This is a world like I have never seen.  Too bad something more interesting didn’t happen there, but I will settle for the wonderful sights and the exciting races.  The Wachowski brothers, who brought us the “Matrix” trilogy, direct this show of lights and wheels, bringing their sense of style and action to the table, but infusing it with a whole rainbow of colors.

Emile Hirsch stars as Speed, and plays it pretty much straight. John Goodman plays his father and Christina Ricci plays his girlfriend but I was kind of partial to Racer X, played by Matthew Fox.  Fox is an underrated actor who has flown under the radar for years, until he hit the jack pot with his role on the incredible show, “Lost”.  Here is is mysterious and shows some chops for action.


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