Smart People **1/2

Thomas Haden Church and Ellen Page in "Smart People"

Thomas Haden Church and Ellen Page in “Smart People”

With a cast that includes Dennis Quaid, Thomas Haden Church, Ellen Page, and Sarah Jessica Parker, I would hope that they would have a solid story to work with, as well as enough screen time to fully develop their characters.  But this movie graces by without letting us really get to know these people.  It also seems to jump ahead in time randomly, without filling in the gaps. 

Take Dennis Quaid’s character and Sarah Jessica Parker’s character.  Their relationship jumps from first date, to first fight, to being a couple, to being broken up, without any sense of what their relationship is like.  Quaid’s brother, played by Thomas Haden Church has a great entrance, but his character is left blowing in the wind for the rest of the movie.  Ellen Page is also underwhelming because of her lack of character development as well.

But this movie is not without its quality moments.  All the actors shine, especially Church and Page, when the movie allows them to sit and talk to each other.  But a story like this needs to take us deeper in to their lives.  It seemed to come and go without making a mark at all.  Its all icing with no cake.



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