Run, Fat Boy, Run ***

Simon Pegg in "Run Fatboy, Run"

Simon Pegg in “Run Fatboy, Run”

I can’t believe that Simon Pegg has not broken through to the North American audiences yet.  He is a terrific comic actor with good depth and range.  Look how easily me makes the transition from a hapless slouch who fights zombies in Shaun Of The Dead, to a straight arrow police officer in Hott Fuzz.  He is a natural.  This time he really gets to show off his chops with a headlining role in a romantic comedy that he co-wrote.

The story is oddly original.  Pegg plays a guy who ditches his pregnant fiancé at the alter after he has a freak out.  Years later he realizes what he lost and pines to get back together with her but she has a new man in her life played by another underrated comedian, Hank Azaria.  His character is an athletic machine who enjoys running marathons for charity.  Pegg decides to run in the next marathon to prove his love for his ex.  But he is not quite in shape for this as his first practice results almost in fainting at the end of the block.  This is a funny piece that goes to the effort to tell a real story with real characters.


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