27 Dresses **1/2


Katherine Heigle in “27 Dresses”

“27 Dresses” is a fairly generic romantic comedy with a few laughs and some enjoyable performances, but it just doesn’t break free from the grinding plot.  Katherine Heigle plays a woman who has been a brides maid on 27 different occasions.  She is in love with her boss played by Edward Burns.  Through a series of unfortunate yet predictive circumstances, Burns ends up engaged to Heigle’s sister, and she is asked to plan the wedding.  James Marsden plays a reporter who is doing a story on the wedding.

From there the plot goes through the motions.  There is the jealousy inspired, embarrassing moments, as well as the big revelations, and everything works out in a nice happy ending.  No harm no foul.  For me I require more then knowing what exactly is going to happen.  Heigle and Marsden are good here, but they don’t have much to work with.

This genre is slowly becoming a joke in Hollywood.  The scripts are so easy to write I’m surprised there are not more of these movies happening in a single year.  Somebody needs to come along and create a real romantic comedy that is closer to real life, and less on the clunky plot.


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