300 ***



“300” is a slightly less then truthful account of 300 Spartan warriors who put up one hell of a resistance to a rather large army of Persian invaders.  Gerard Butler plays King Leonidas, who leads the Spartans into battle.  The movie opens with a bit of a montage on how Spartan warriors are trained.  From birth they are pretty much thrown in to combat training.  It is their way of life. 

From a technical stand point this movie is quite an achievement.  It has the look of a graphic novel, right down to the slightly less then realistic landscapes and over saturated colors. The action is superb and exciting.  This is one you do not want to miss in the theatre.  Director Zack Snyder really takes what was done in a movie like “Sin City” and elevates the style.  It is too bad that the story didn’t involve anything more then relentless action, punctuated by uplifting speeches by Leonidas.


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