Deja Vu ***


Bruce Greenwood, Val Kilmer and Denzel Washington in "Deja Vu"

Finally!  Tony Scott gets a hold of himself, tones down the destructive visual style that he has come to love, and gives us a thriller where we can see what is happening at all times.  Movies like “Domino” and “Man On Fire” were destroyed by frantic editing and camera work that made us more dizzy then excited.  In the end they were experiences I hope to never have again.  This time he keeps a relatively good eye on everything that happens, giving us a tense yet silly time at the cinema.

Now, everything about this movie works, if you can accept one thing.  If you do not want to know what happens read no further.  If you can accept that a man is sent through time, with little to no explanation, you will enjoy this movie.  If that bothers you, I won’t blame you.  Essentially the time travel element is used as a device in order to keep the action moving. 

The movie opens with the bombing of a ferry in New Orleans.  The bombing itself is horrific and real.  From there, we follow ATF agent Doug Carlin, played by Denzel Washington, as he tries to figure out who blew it up and why.  This is where the movie gets a little silly.  Doug finds himself drawn in to a top secret operation where man can look back in time exactly 4 days and 6 hours.  The explanation is that they have discovered a random worm hole in space allowing them to see the past.  Eventually they figure out how to send objects back, including Denzel himself.  Yes it is silly, but I liked it.

From there the movie follows Washington as he tracks down the bomber, played by Jim Caviezel, and tries to prevent the attack before it happens.  From there we get some first rate action scenes that we can actually see.  Tony Scott is back, and I hope he stays this way because he is a talented director.


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